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This active stock-picking approach, has been an unwavering core belief since the founding of our firm. High conviction ideas are expressed in concentrated portfolio’s, ensuring a disciplined process.



Selectivity and patience are key attributes of our process. We do this by taking a longer-term approach, focusing on global opportunities with thematic tailwinds.

We pursue Stability and Long-Term Thinking

We live in a contradictory and changing world where growth is becoming increasingly difficult to identify. However, we believe that when you're in business for the long term, you think differently. Since 1986 our unique investment philosophy based on selective stock picking coupled with thematic tailwinds and a long-term investment horizon is where we make the difference for you.

We are Passionate about World-class Results

We are stock pickers. We believe that market-beating results over the long term are rooted in fundamental investing in a concentrated portfolio. In addition, and more relevant than ever, is our underlying thematic approach which supports our conviction levels.

Compounding for generations

We carefully select companies with sustainable and responsible business models, strong managements and with the prospect of delivering long-term growth. It is our belief that investing in these unique companies delivering sustainable and long-term growth is the most attractive and future-proof investment. That is what we call Compounding.

Stay on Top of the Latest News and Market Changes

The financial world can sometimes be chaotic - let's make sense of it together. Stay on top of trends and themes by reading our latest Insights, White Papers, and Market comments written by our thought leaders and Portfolio Managers, who have the newest knowledge and in-depth understanding of each topic and market.