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Compounding Earnings through Sustainable Growth

We emphasise the sustainability of earnings growth over the magnitude of earnings growth. Consumer Staples companies are increasingly challenged as they face cost inflation and increased sustainability costs.

Politics matters in the 2020s

2024 is the biggest election year the world has ever experienced, with about half of the world population voting. Why is this important to longer-term investors?

Status: The Stock Markets After the First Half

Bo Knudsen, CEO and Portfolio Manager, provides a mid-year update on the investment year 2024. Among other things, he discusses why politics plays a crucial role in the 2020s.

The Indian Election 2024

Abhinav Rathee, Portfolio Manager at C WorldWide, shares his insights on the election in India, and how we find attractive investment opportunities in the country.

AI Wave Will Change The World Forever

Generative AI is the innovative form of artificial intelligence that analyzes and uses existing data and creates new and unique content. And soon, generative AI will be as integral to our daily lives as a smartphone. Where are we right now in the AI wave sweeping over us – and what can we expect? Morten Springborg, theme specialist at C WorldWide, provides some insights here.

The Dominance of Acronyms

Although we think it is too early to call off the risk of recession and predict a clear sky outlook, the current trends look surprisingly strong.

Generative AI: The Artificial Future on Steroids

Computing's evolution, epitomized by Qualcomm/ARM, Samsung/Apple, and Google/Facebook/Uber in the mobile era, shifts from semiconductors to infrastructure to software/services, a pattern expected to repeat in the emerging GenAI era.

India - The Land of Opportunities

For the long-term investor, India is perhaps one of the most exciting and promising markets to invest in globally. In this video, portfolio manager at C WorldWide, Abhinav Rathee, explains why India's future looks bright, and why the upcoming election doesn’t look to derail this.

India’s Ascendancy Continues: How We Invest in the World’s Fastest-Growing Economy

India is at the cusp of gaining its rightful place in the world order, and we believe India is the most compelling, longer-term single-country investment opportunity globally. Never has the country been as favorably placed as it is now – both in the context of geopolitics and economic contribution.

Japan's High-Tech Renaissance

A small island in Japan called Kyushu is now known as “Silicon Island” due to the massive investments from TSMC and other tech companies. C WorldWide has portfolio exposure to several mentioned companies in this Insight. Read here: